AfriForum addresses Western Australian parliament regarding farm murders

The civil rights organisation AfriForum today made a presentation regarding farm murders in South Africa to members of the Parliament of Western Australia. This presentation was held after approximately 346 farm attacks and 46 farm murders have already been recorded this year alone, while Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa is denying this tragedy.

“Members of parliament are especially shocked by the fact that Pres. Ramaphosa is denying the existence of farm murders in South Africa despite the evidence that already exists, as well as further evidence made public today by AfriForum,” said Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety.

Cameron is of the opinion that Ramaphosa’s blatant lies to the world is an indication of the South African government’s complicity to farm murders and that the ANC government is humiliating victims of farm attacks and farm murders by denouncing them as liars.

AfriForum also displayed video footage of especially Pres. Ramaphosa and Julius Malema, Leader of the EFF, during the presentation to better illustrate the polarised climate that they have previously caused.

“We dedicated today’s presentation to each victim that has already been brutally murdered on a farm in South Africa by telling the story of Willemientjie Potgieter – she died a torturous death at the age of two together with her parents, Attie and Wilna Potgieter, during a farm attack in the Free State,” said Cameron.

“The two most destructive forces in humanity are socialism and racism, and when blended together, they’re a terrifying duo.

“Those who care about human rights played an important role in bringing about the end of apartheid, so if minorities are being oppressed today, we have an obligation to speak out against it,” says Aaron Stonehouse MLC, Liberal Democrats MP.

Members of parliament indicated that they will continue raising the matter and support the message worldwide. Some of the members also made it clear that they will further the cause of this campaign in Australia.

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