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Farm attacks and murders under scrutiny

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AfriForum announced an intensified campaign against farm murders today. It also directed an open letter to Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa, in which it demands the President to intervene. Ten practical steps that government should take to combat farm murders effectively are also detailed in the letter. To kick off the campaign, AfriForum today published a short documentary on the December 2010 murders of Attie (40), Wilna (36) and little Wilmien Potgieter (2) in the vicinity of Lindley.

The campaign was implemented after the previous month saw a sharp increase in farm murders. June 2020 witnessed 40 farm attacks and five murders, while 15 farm attacks and four farm murders were committed in July.

In addition to the work that AfriForum is doing to combat farm murders and support victims of farm attacks, the organisation’s intensified campaign includes:

  1. A ten-point-plan submitted to Pres. Ramaphosa, which contains steps that the South African government should take to combat farm murders;
  2. The publication of a documentary about the Lindley murders in December 2010, which will be the first of a series of documentaries on farm murders;
  3. An intensified awareness campaign in which the stories of farm attack victims are related; and
  4. An awareness campaign on people’s rights and how they can effectively fight back to defend themselves and their communities.

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Watch the mini documentary about the murders of Attie (40), Wilna (36) and Wilmien Potgieter (2) from Lindley who were killed on their farm in 2010

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Help us to produce more awareness videos like this one. There are three ways for you to do so:

1. Donate:
Account name: AfriForum NPC
Account number: 62349898398
Branch: FNB Centurion
Branch code: 26155
Reference: Wilmien Potgieter

2. Join AfriForum by sending an SMS with your name to 32077 (R1 per SMS).

3. Visit www.friendsofafriforum.co.za.


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